All inclusive

The inter-refuge trekking is a suitable route for all people who like to walk in the mountains and have a normal physical shape. It is not a trek for mountaineers or expert mountaineers, but rather a series of paths that take us through the most beautiful part of the National Park and Huemules where you can enjoy the best views of Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and the Ice Field . During the trek we spent the night in the forest on the first day but with the aim of finding our chain of shelters located in privileged places. A series of shelters with all the comforts to have a very pleasant stay.

It is a trek that plunges into forests, vertical paths, lagoons with unique landscapes and skies that mark a life. a trek that crosses a calm and at the same time wild terrain.

We design the itinerary so that it is attractive for everyone, being able to stop and thus enjoy the best landscapes.


En los meses de Noviembre a Marzo tenemos nuestras salidas en grupo programadas. Tanto si viajas solo/a, en pareja o un grupo de amigos pero os gusta mezclaros con mas gente y buscar nuevas amistades esta es vuestra mejor opción.


On this trip we are accompanied by some of our local
guides from Chaltén, with extensive experience in the field,
who will accompany us from the beginning of the Trekking.
Our local team in Calafate and Chaltén will also assist us
with any need and of course we will always have our 24-
hour emergency telephone number in case of having to
contact if you suggest any eventuality.

Prices and conditions

Rate per person: $7.000 (All inclusive).


Day 1: City of origin Calafate.
Day 2: Arrival in Chaltén.
Day 3: Departure to Poincenot base camp, lagoon of the three.
Day 4: Arrival at Piedra del Fraile.
Day 5: Marconi Station.
Day 6: Cagliero Post.
Day 7: Arrival in Chalten.
Day 8: Rest day in Chalten.
Day 9: Return to Calafate.
Day 10: Visit Perito Moreno Glacier and / or Flight back

Day 1: Arrival in Calafate. Transfer to the hotel,
accommodation with breakfast and rest from the trip.
Day 2: Travel to Chaltén. Transfer to the hotel,
accommodation with breakfast. This day we meet the local guides, the national park and the town of Chaltén where you can take advantage of doing the last purchases and have dinner à la carte in any of the restaurants that Chaltén offers and take advantage of meeting people if we go in a group.
The views of the route and in Chaltén are already impressive.
Day 3: Depart from Chalten directly along the roads that
lead us to the Poincenot field, the resting place of many
expeditions to the most difficult mountains of Patagonia.
From there we will go up to the lagoon of the three where
the Fitz Roy and Poincenot needle can be seen in all their
splendor. We return to rest at the Poincenot field.
Day 4: This is a quiet day where we will approach in about two and a half hours to the forest where the first of our
refuges is located, Piedra del Fraile, where we can have a
good supply of what awaits us. Not without first passing
through Piedras Blancas where we can see the mouth of the
upper Glacier that hangs directly over the glacier lagoon.

Day 5: From Piedra del Fraile we will go to Marconi Station,
the most extreme place of our trekking and a privileged site
with access to the ice field where we can rest and feel the
breath of the wildest environment in Patagonia with
spectacular views of Fitz Roy and near a lagoon where we
can take advantage of the afternoon to enjoy meditating on the most spectacular views
Day 6: On the way to the last of our shelters “El Puesto
Cagliero”. Here we can already enjoy the maximum of the
comforts of what is a mountain refuge located in another
incredible place surrounded by glaciers and lakes. A very
cozy place that will take us the next day along a quiet path
down to Huemules
Day 7: Passing through Huemules, hopefully we will see some along the way until we reach the track where a
transfer will await us on the way to Chalten to end the day
with a delicious barbecue that is prepared to give the best
end of our inter-refuge trekking.
Day 8: Rest day in Chalten where we can buy gifts or simply rest after a good week of trekking.
Day 9: Transfer to Calafate and arrival at the hotel with full board.
Day 10: We can decide whether to go to see the most
famous glacier in the world, the Perito Moreno and / or catch the flight back home.

Personal material list.

• Hat / Cap
· Neck buff
• Tshirts
• Thermal T-shirt
• Fine Fleece Lining
• Thick fleece lining
• Down jacket or Primaloft
• Waterproof jacket
• Thin gloves
• Fleece gloves
• Thick waterproof gloves
• Medium mountain socks
• Thin socks
• High mountain socks
• Boots
• Flip flops
• Sneakers
• Thermal Meshes
• Waterproof pants
• Trekking pants
• Underwear

•  Sleeping bag
•  Matress
• Headlamp + Spare batteries.
• Water bottle or camel back
• Backpack
• Canes
• Sunglasses
• Duffle bag or travel bag.
• Toothbrush
• Toothpaste
• Light towel
• Soap and / or Shampoo
• Wet wipes
• Sunscreen
• Lip balm
• Garbage bags.
• Photo / video camera
• Padlock.
• Mobile phone and charger
• Razor

•  Valid passport.
•  Visa if required.
•  Photos if required.
•  Health insurance.
•  Credit cards.
•  Cash.
FOOD (optional)
•  Energy bars or gels.
•  Isotonic drink.
•  Some vacuum sausage.
BOTIQUIN (Optional)
•  Broad spectrum antibiotic
•  Antiseptic cream (Betadine or similar)
•  Throat lozenges
•  Fortasec or similar for diarrhea
•  Edemox for altitude.
•  Pain relievers (Aspirin / Paracetamol)
•  1 bandage
•  1 roll tape
•  Compeed or similar for blisters
•  Insect repellent
•  Serum or some rehydrating liquid
•  Anti-inflammatory (Voltaren or similar)

We need to tell you about the special weather in Patagonia and simply warn that sometimes the wind is not on our side, so we have to have the possibility of varying some of the days of the trek such as the ascent to Laguna de los Tres or the route between our shelters such as the Marconi Station much more exposed to bad weather and Patagonian winds.

In this case, we could contemplate the possibility of going
around for the 30th Anniversary and going directly to Cagliero Post where we would have to cross a zip line and
be able to enjoy the Patagonian forest in another way.


Complete the following form, tell us when you plan to come, how many people there are and we will notify you if there is availability.