· Our mission is to create value in a sustainable way in the development of our activities, providing a quality service and with a minimum impact on the environment.

· We want to create a network of refuges that allow access to the continental ice and the national parks of Patagonia to make a unique land known.


· We want to be protagonists of a better future for our planet, creating value in a sustainable way for people and for the communities in which we carry out our activity.
· We want to be a reference due to our firm commitments to ethical principles and nature conservation, good corporate governance and transparency.
· We want to promote a way of living, conserving and economically sustaining areas of high ecological value.
· We want to publicize the Patagonian landscapes, creating a network of shelters and roads to make them more accessible.


· Our commitment to preserving the environment is the basic pillar of our business model. We base our work on respect for the environment and an ecological attitude.
· We promote teamwork and collaboration with the community in which our shelters are located, also promoting the development of the local community.
· We promote scientific tasks for the observation, study and conservation of nature.
· We make our shelters available for rescue tasks in the area.

Low impact activities
Our shelters are undertakings that combine the private initiative of urban development with the care of the environment, being our spirit to conserve the natural environment from activities and low-impact developments. That is why the entire framework project and its operating protocols seek to minimize the negative impact of human activities as much as possible.

Low water consumption systems
The fact of being in an area with abundant fresh drinking water does not exempt us from the responsibility of using only the minimum water resources necessary for the daily activity of the shelters and their guests.

Organic waste management
Each refuge has a sanitary system with septic chambers and nitrifying beds, and groundwater is analyzed to determine that the environment is not being contaminated.

Inorganic waste extraction
We are part of the Estancia los Huemules strategic plan for the treatment of inorganic waste, so that these are classified and transported to the Inorganic Waste Collection and Redistribution Center of El Chaltén

Clean Energy System
The use of small hydroelectric turbines eliminates the visual impact of windmills and guarantees a sufficient and sustainable supply for the basic and emergency needs of the shelters,
The sustainable management of the forest guarantees the obtaining of firewood for the kitchen and hot water, always using low-consumption elements.

Rational use of resources
The area destined for urbanization occupies a minimum percentage within the total surface of the field. A series of strict requirements have been followed when starting up the building of the shelters on issues such as materials, measurements, location, maximum height, characteristics that are regulated in order to mitigate the visual and ecological impact of the presence. of buildings and people in the place.